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found this game while randomly browsing. it's really good. the controls is interesting - it's challenging to get used to. it's a bit tricky because my mind gets confused between "do I want to move towards that direction?" and "do I want to shoot towards that direction?" really like the pixel graphics and the little details in the animation.

Cool game! The mechanics are really nice! I can see this being a longer game too with scrolling levels and maybe some other weapons and enemies. The spikes could perhaps be on other walls and you can go through some dungeon. The orange color palette is my favorite. If you're ever interested in making this a longer game I think it has potenital.

Apk on android

Any chance you have the sprites in PNG format? Would love to port this game!


Awesome, addictive game! 


Please add the .love file for direct download for GNU/Linux users.

Really nice game, if it was under a free license I would package it for ArchLinux.


you can unzip the exe and  then drag it to love2d


How did you code the palette switcher? Shaders? I'd really like to know for the next jam!

This is a lot of fun!

Really all I need is a little score ticker in a corner and I'll be coming back for more!

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